Currently Watching

Currently Watching

Top Chef is back, which is very exciting. I kind of love when Fall TV starts and you (I) forget, and then there is a rush to marathon all of the shows you missed. Thoughts on the following:

Top Chef—I spent the last two hours catching up. I already have a favorite (Carrie), and I theoretically love New Orleans cuisine (I have never been there, but I do love Southern food) so I think this will be a fun season. Do you think they will ever do Top Chef in another country, like Top Chef: Paris or Top Chef: London? That would be fun. It seems like they are running out of foody American places. Top Chef: Charlotte, or something?

New Girl—Winston has been the most fun character this season. The puzzle episode! The cat! Love him and his increasing weirdness.

I am not going to be one of those TV fans who complains about the central couple getting together. I truly believe the central couple can get together and the show can stay entertaining—although my mom and I had a little debate about this the other day, because my go-to “SEE, IT CAN BE DONE” card is Coach and Mrs. Coach. But my mom argues that FNL was never built on a will-they, won’t-they anyway, so it is not a valid example of how to put a couple together. I am still trying to figure out if I agree.

Anyway, Nick and Jess have been OK. Not comedic gold, but not horribly annoying. The sour note this season has really been the Schmidt storyline. I kind of believe that the writers thought the audience would sympathize with him, would feel like he just made a mistake but his intentions were not nefarious. (HELLO, it’s possible to be in love with two people at once. Haven’t you ever seen The Bachelor?)

But, his whole ‘kill Nick and Jess’ thing has not been that funny, and I hope the show turns it around soon and strikes a strong balance, like we’re used it.

The Good Wife—AMAZING start. My one disappointment: I am an unabashed Will and Alicia shipper. I admire those TV fans who are like ‘eh, whatever, I don’t really ship.’ That’s great, I wish I could be that way. But I used to skip school to watch Buffy and Angel’s relationship troubles. I cried for Sawyer when Juliet died. Some shows—the cable dramas, usually—are above shipping, but not The Good Wife. Will and Alicia as a pair are second only to Will and Diane and Alicia and Eli. And Patti Nyholm and everyone. And Kurt and Diane. OK, so not second then, but I heart Will and Alicia is the point. And I am always sad when they are in an “off” phase, as they are right now, made worse by the fact that Josh Charles’ contract situation puts them in a semi-permanent state of limbo, leaning toward “off.”


ANYWAY, my shipper’s heart may not be content but OHMYGOD EVERYTHING ELSE IS SO GOOD. Diane vs. Will. Eli vs. Melissa George. Lockhart (???)/Gardner vs. Florrick/Agos. Grace’s faith vs. Grace’s emerging hotness (OK, that one isn’t as awesome. ALSO DID YOU KNOW THAT IS THE SISTER OF THE GIRL FROM SKY KIDS????). The pieces are set, the moves are about to be made, and I think it’s going to be so fun.

Also, the season premiere’s score and direction were awesome. Such an underrated show.

Parenthood—Has been very Parenthood-y. Always strong acting, always a couple of dud storylines, always tears. I am happy that Sam Jaeger is getting some of the spotlight this season, because he is a good actor with such an empathetic (sympathetic? I don’t know) presence. Joy Bryant has a tough role as Jasmine because 1) We like the Bravermans and 2) Dax Shepard is so loveable, so Jasmine almost never comes off well when she is in conflict with Crosby. But Joel is an underused character and I hope the Joel and Julia storyline doesn’t devolve into soapy infidelity.

Elsewhere, I never really like Adam and Kristina, but I guess it’s good to see Jurnee Smollett. Mae Whitman is perfect and Amber and Ryan are so awesome and sad and lovely. (Although, every time I see Matt Lauria and his sad eyes, I think of that scene in FNL when Mrs. Coach told Luke he had to leave the Panthers, and how he cried and I cried and my mom cried and Connie Brittion cried and Lauria was so good.) I wish Lauren Graham had more to do—and it was nice that the show gave a little shout-out to the fans’ complaints this week when Ray Romano had the line about Sarah always switching careers—but I do like the Sarah/Hank dynamic and I am fine if that’s where they want to take her. And Drew, I can’t tell that actor apart from Logan Lerman. So that’s distracting.

So, that’s what I am watching. I tried Scandal but I just can’t get there. I am losing steam on the Vampire Diaries front, but I did like what Paul Wesley did in that scene at the end of the first episode. That was Angelus scary.

Better go catch up on Parks and Rec now.


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